Soothing Paw and Mane Cream is the comfort cream of all creams. Your pet will immediately feel relieved of dry mane, skin irritations, hot paws, and other discomforts. Pets needs Soothing Paw and Mane to help them in their daily activities as pets who reside both indoor and outdoor.  


Paw Care: Sticks and Stone's will hurt paws feet. What hurts worse is when pet parent are unaware of the agony that pets experience. Have you ever observed your pet licking their paws, partially limping, or skipping down hot pavement? Paws are feet and we must protect their paws under all conditions. This product does not exempt hooves and in fact is an excellent lubricant and moisturizer for horses, cows, and goats. 


Mane Care can be carefully management well with Soothing Paw and Mane Care. It is the go cream to fully hydrate mane and sooth missing hair discomforts. When Pets are missing hair, it is a perfect opportunity for biting insects to feast on open flesh. Our pets who spend time outdoors are most vulnerable to these occurances. Help your pet today by giving them the soothing treatment they deserve!


Reasons Why Your Pets Need Soothing Paw and Mane Cream


1. Outdoor Pets

2. Endangered Birds with Roughed Up Feathers

3. Hiking Pets

4. Hunting Pets

5. Horses


Ingrediants: shea butter, coco butter, hemp oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, and black seed oil.

Soothing Mane and Paw Cream

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