Its important that as we take care of our pets, that we likewise do unto ourselves this very same act of kindness and love. When we are down, sometimes, we begin to neglect ourselves in subtle ways. This is your very own Soothing Companion Cream that you can use anytime of day. It will help keep your skin feeling hydrated. More importantly, it will sooth your skin, especially if it is prone to irritations and sunburn.


Ingrediants: shea butter, cocoa butter, hemp oil, black seed oil, castor oil and rosemary. 


Reasons why you need Soothing Companion  Cream:


1.  Living In Dry Climates

2. Sunburn

3. Bed Sores

4. Cuts and Bruises

5. Sensitive Skin

6. Rashes





Soothing Companion Cream

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