The journey of a Pet is no easy stride, especially when your entire body is covered in hair. What does this mean? The reality Pet Parent is that your Pet may be experiencing discomforts that are foreign to the naked eye. More specifically, if you were to part the layers of hair your pet has and look at their skin, you will find different issues ranging from insect bites, dry skin, irritations, or mane loss. There are some pets who do not have such conditions but this issue is growing more significantly each day,  As humans, skin challenge continue to progress, would that be any different for our pet?  Pets are even proned to catching some of our colds. Therefore, our experiences are certaintly shared. 


This product usage last on average for 30-60 days.


Ingredients: Water, Cactus, rosemary, seaweed, hibiscus, shou wu, ginseng, coco butter, coconut oil, black castor oil, nettle, jojoba oil, neem, nettle and sage.

Pet Soothing Cactus Power Hydrator-Mane Growth

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