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As a third degree burn survivor, I understand what it's like to experience trauma and hardships. I am sharing things that have worked for me throughout my life. Using plant based products will connect you to the language of earth and her best kept secrets of life, healthy living, and longevity.

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Cactus Power Hydrator has a beautiful rich color that is symbolic of healthy blood, healthy living. It is designed to serve as a multi-purpose healing agent for both hair and skin. It will shrink moles, lesson spots and blemishes on skin. Helps with cuts, sores, and hot paws by soothing coats.  It is very concentrated and you only needs a few drops and gently rub on affected area. For patchy beards, apply twice a day by rubbing on area and brushing coat.  After long walks, apply to hot paws.

Cactus Power Hydrator for People

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  • This product is intended for dry sensitive skin

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