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As a third degree burn survivor, I understand what it's like to experience trauma and hardships. I am sharing things that have worked for me throughout my life. Using plant based products will connect you to the language of earth and her best kept secrets of life, healthy living, and longevity.

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Thick rich coconut cactus shampoo, designed to thicken hair and mane within just a few washes. It is optional to leave in shampoo if you are in need for thicker hair within just a few days. This shampoo was formulated with cactus, seaweed, pomegranate, and tumeric.  It is thick and will last long. It is also safe to shower with. This product is compatible for both people and pets.  If we can use this product, our pets should be able to also. 

Coconut Cactus Shampoo-Conditioner

SKU: 0002
  • This unique formula Is great for crying hair that needs hydration, love, and affection. Designed to help restore damaged thinning hair. 

    Ingrediants: Cactus, seaweed, pomegranate, tumeric, olive oil and coconut oil, and fragrance.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee