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I specialize in regrowing hair on both people and pets. There is so much stress happening with this pandemic, do not let your pets hair suffer. Get your bottle of hydrator today!

Riggs-Before using Cactus Power Hydrator 

Rigs-Before using Products August 2019

Riggs-Before using Products

August 2019 

Week 2

Rigs-After using the Cactus Power Hydrator. Mane is turning darker color, revealing new hair growth. September 2019

Week 3

After using the Cactus Power Hydrator-September 2019

Week 3

After using the Cactus Power Hydrator-September 2019

Tez-Before using Cactus Power Hydrator August 2019

Tez-Before using Cactus Power Hydrator-August 2019.

Week 2

Tez-After using Cactus Power Hydrator. Visible signs of new hair growth after week 2 of using product.

Week 3

Tez-After using Cactus Power Hydrator. Mane coat has grown in just 3 weeks after using products.

Soothing Cactus Power Hydrator (CPH)

Helps fight skin irritations, mane loss, roughed up feathers, bites, hot paws, and sun burn.

Each drop is long lasting and will help your pet feel smooth like a baby.


“Bose is my American bull dog mixed. He has a long chemical burn on his back.  It’s 10 inches wide. He was a rescue and unfortunately some bad things happened to him with the previous owner.  There is discomfort when he is in the sun. I have been using the cactus power hydrator for a little over two weeks. 1-2 times a day. The whole area looks different.  It’s not dry. It’s much smoother. It’s definitely been helping and not much has helped. We received lots of topical s from our Vet but nothing worked. This has been working and it’s pretty outstanding."

Allison. Event Manager-Max Fund No Kill Animal Shelter, Denver Co 2019

"Ever since I had Lasik surgery, my eye has continued to water. I had to stop wearing eye make-up and I could not understand what was happening. I went to the doctor several times and was given eye drops yet nothing helped. After using Monique's Watery Eye drop solution, not only has my eye stopped watering, but I wear makeup again. I feel so grateful for her help and I feel beautiful again."

Breezie-Large Group Accounts Kaiser Permanante-Aurora, CO Jan. 2020

Sassy (Lori’s Kitty)


"Sassy had been getting stuck under the bed. She began gnawing at her back to help her raw flesh. It was very irritated and she had patchy skin on her back.  Since I put the hydrator on her, she is feeling better.  Her skin doesn’t look as red and irritated. You definitely have been blessed by the Lord.”

Lori, active football mom and Professional, Denver CO Sept. 2018


"My dogs have really bad allergies and their hair has really fallen out. Since I've been using the hydrator, within a couple of weeks I began to see their hair grow back" (Her dogs are featured on the website.

Korrie, Happy Pet owner and Professional-Denver, CO 2019

"Macy has the worst allergies in our clinic.  She has very sensitive skin.  She has been losing a lot of hair. Since we have been using the hydrator, we noticed her hair already growing back. We tried lots of different products but nothing worked. Macy likes these products as well."

Jessica, Former Shelter Manager Max Fund No Kill Animal Shelter, Denver CO 2019.

Certified: ACDBE, SBEC Denver International Airport, DBE, EBE, MWBE, SBE through the City and County of Denver, CO.


All orders $25 or more

May 1st 2020- Rigs has allergies and his mane grew back in during recent food challenges and a second episode of hair loss. 

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