Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:Pets

How long will it take before I see results? Your pet will immediately feel relief and will feel soothed by CPH. If you are using for hair loss, you will results within 1-2 weeks of using product.

My dog is constantly chewing at their paws after walking. How will this product help my pet? When dogs walk, we have know idea what type of pain they may be experiencing. We can’t see the sticks and stones they walk through each day. CPH is excellent to cool off hot and irritated paws. This product will also help calm your woof and help them to stay away from chewing on their feet which are highly irritated.

What happens if my dog licks the product, will they get sick? CPH is gentle and will not harm your animal if ingested. Made from earth, CPH will not upset your animals stomach. In fact, its’ healthy ingredients are safer than any house hold product that has chemicals.

Will this product help calm my pet down? Yes. Pets are generally very hyper if they have severe itching, dandruff, and other discomforts on their coat. CPH will sooth and and calm the nerves, reducing the itching and helping them to feel better.

Can I use this product with other medication? Yes. CPH is excellent and safe to use with other products.

Will CPH sting my pets cuts or irritated skin? CPH is a sting free, fragrance free product that is safe to use.


Frequently Asked Questions Humans

Hair Loss: CPH is designed to not only hydrator your hair and skin, but functions like cell food. If you have patchy beards, thinning hair, and balding, you have come to the right place.

Anti-aging: CPH helps making your skin tight, reduces blemishes, age spots, and bumps, and will keep you feeling and looking younger within just one application.

How quickly will I see results? If you using on your skin, you will see immediate results after one application. If you using on your hair allow for 1-2 weeks and you will see new growth and thicker roots begin to occur.

Can I use this product with other products? Yes. This product can work as a base for other products you will use. For best results, do not mix with chemically bound products. You can use to mix hair dyes and perms to protect scalp from irritation.

What happens if I stop using this product? It truly depends on your diet and how well you maintain your hair and skin. It is best to continue usage as you would use lotion or soap on a regular basis.

How long does this product last? If kept in cool temperature 1 year. If is important to ensure the top is closed securely as well. If you are using 2oz bottle-2-3 months should last per customer or client-ale.. 8oz bottle will last 6 months or longer if you are using this every day.