The journey towards becoming an entrepreneur was loud and arduous during 2017.  My soul was screaming for me to push through the rejections and plight of launching my business in Denver, CO.  I worked closely with Rocky Mountain Micro Finance Institute through their mentorship program and was accepted into their business boot camp program the summer of 2019.   I graduated last summer with the hope of taking off with the wind and capturing  new business. I realized that as a new business, how important it was to lay down my foundation and to focus on certain products that were popular among my customers and their pets. I soon discovered that my cactus power hydrator was quickly regrowing hair on both pets and people. This miracle solution also helps with various skin conditions, 3rd degree burns and acne. 

My challenge has been where to focus my attention on People or Pets because both markets suffer from similar skin conditions.  I decided to work with both markets and to learn more about the unique attributes my products deliver to my clients. My most rewarding experience was with two dogs that I met at the Pet Expo in Denver who walked up to me. Both had significant hair loss. Their wonderful pet parent decided to purchase some cactus power hydrator and within 3 weeks their coats had nearly fully grown back. (See home pg.) 

My passion is to help increase the bond between pet and pet parents through my products. My pet parent experience began when I was 13 when I rescued a siamese kitten from a situation of neglect in which he nearly died. I loved Mogray so much and nourished him back to health. My mom and I took turns taking care of him. Mogray suffered from leaky eyes because he was so sick. Over time, Mogray became healthy and had a beautiful coat. He could only eat one type of food (IAMS) or else he would vomit. I learned to take care of a special needs cat. Mogray was very protective of my family and he acted like a guard cat. No lie. He would literally jump on the door and hiss at people he didn't know.  Mogray lived for 18 years and out lived his entire litter. 

I have a much more in depth story about why and how I started my business.  I will save that information for a future blog post.  I have worked for many years supporting local business in both Denver and Houston, Tx in the area of business development, sales and marketing. I have also been styling hair since I was a child and started  a business at the age of 15 called Monique's Boutique. I knew that I had a special gift of healing through styling hair for within a few minutes of touching someone's scalp, they typically fall asleep. My goal is to continue formulate healing products based on the needs and demands for pets as well as pet parents. I am also a licensed healthcare benefits consultant for both Medicare and under age 65. I also work as Placement Coordinator for Aurora, CO through Rocky Mountain Micro Finance Institute helping underserved communities launch or relaunch businesses.  I am here to help you and if you have any questions or feedback, I'd love to hear from you! 



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