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As a third degree burn survivor, I understand what it's like to experience trauma and hardships. I am sharing things that have worked for me throughout my life. Using plant based products will connect you to the language of earth and her best kept secrets of life, healthy living, and longevity.

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- About The Brand -

My Story


At the age of 2.5, I experienced child abuse by the hands of a baby sitter. One day he became upset with me and plugged in a blow dryer and blowed dried my ear until it melted down. To my mother's horror, she rushed me to the hospital burn unit. Doctors were amazed I had not lost my hearing. It resembled an elephants ear which is why I feel extremely connected to them. My mother used earth's healing powers such as aloe, cocoa butter, and vitamin e to heal my ear. I naturally fell in love with the aloe plant and gained a strong connection to listening to plants and animals. As I grew older, I specialized in hair care as a teen and young adult. I also studied history in college and was fortunate to study abroad in South America. During my early corporate career, I focused on helping small and large in business development, sales and marketing.  My life did not feel complete and I embarked on a healing journey for myself. I eventually began making teas and hair tonics due to my thinning hair. During this time, I rescued a pigeon using the hair tonic. It's was nearly eaten by a hawk and had torn feathers and broken feet. About 6 days later, a veterinarian at Animal Control said there was nothing wrong with the bird and it flew away. A few weeks later my uncle had a very nasty 3rd degree burn and the hair tonic I created helped heal his arm nearly completely. I knew then that I a special formula compatible for people and animals and that I had to do everything I could to help heal discomforts. 

I was born with very sensitive skin especially with soaps. When I was young, I remember my skin burning because of allergies to different soaps. It was a horrible feeling. This is why I spend so much time ensuring my soaps and shampoos are loaded with goodness such as cactus, seaweed, and aloe, that can help help people with dry and sensitive skin.    

I realized I must have been doing this in other past lives because making products comes so natural to me.  I create a number of different products. The new teeth whitener  I am launching, I am extremely excited about. My teeth whitener will work immediately and is a simple and gentle process to help remove plaque build up using sesame oil and other herbs. 

I am excited to embark upon this journey with you. Since I work with both people and animals, I want you to know that my products are simple to use and to apply.  I am available if you have questions and can be reached quickly at plantwhisperbotanicals@gmail.com and offer 100% Customer Satisfaction or your money back. 

Why Prickly Pear Cactus?


I learned from the aloe vera plant that it is cousins with the cactus. Cactus is a super food and contains rich vitamins that will help destroy free radicals inside and outside of the body. It is a deep cleaner and when added to soaps, gives a rich and soothing experience. If your pets coats is dirty, cactus related soaps will deep clean and help patch up shedding hair/mane.  Cactus is an ancient staple that my ancestors once depended upon when they traveled throughout the Americas. It has thorns to remind us of its delicacy and preciousness that we must respect.